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Repeater DETAIL Page 8/6/2020

This page contails all the information we have on a specific repeater.

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N2ROW Repeater Detail Report    8/6/2020 2:15:15 AM
Repeater ID #17266 REPORT A PROBLEM (use this ID#17266 to reference this Repeater)
Call SignN2ROW
LocationBrooklyn, New York
PL Tone136.5
Elevation650 ft.(above sea level)
Auto Patch
Web Site
Grid Square
Zip Code.00001
Map map
CommentsSystem Hub & voting rx N. Central Bronx and far Rockaway Queens NY Linked to 29.680 224.34 53.41. Operated and maintained by FDNY ARG. As of 1/10/19 we now have Zello channel linked to our system. search n2row 441.100 NYC for instructions. License Hams only. Check out the N2ROW 441.100 NYC channel on Zello
Last Update1/10/2019 7:27:46 PM
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patrickkc2tccill put the frq n pl but the input will not show 441.100 to 441.600 not 446.100. how do i make it so tje input fq shows1/13/2009 6:58:10 PM9756
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