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Product Detail     TP-3200 - Comm Spec TP-3200 SHARED REPEATER TONE PANEL$80.00
Used or Never Opened's Comm Spec TP-3200 SHARED REPEATER TONE PANEL

NEW! Never opened, With manual and cables. The Communications Specialists Model TP-3200 is a compact 19 rack mount SharedRepeater Tone Panel for use on shared repeater stations that utilize CTCSS signalingtones and/or Digital Coded Squelch (DCS) codes for access and control. It is thecomplete repeater control interface between the repeater transmitter and receiver. Themicroprocessor based design uses the latest state of the art nonvolatile memory chipsfor data retention, and uses a proprietary digital algorithm for CTCSS tone detection.This eliminates adjacent tone falsing, provides for superior tone decoding responsetime and permits up to 157 subscriber capacity See


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