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Used or Never Opened Products

Accessories33-LNA33-LNA 1.2 GHz receive preamp$50.00
AccessoriesATVR-121.2 GHz Video Receiver used in ATV Repeater$150.00
AccessoriesCFX-431Comet CFX-431A 144Mhz 433Mhz 1200Mhz Triplexer$40.00
AccessoriesFT-900Interface for RC-85/96$200.00
AccessoriesTF-2 PL Tone readerPL tone reader - Display$60.00
AccessoriesTP-3200Comm Spec TP-3200 SHARED REPEATER TONE PANEL$80.00
AccessoriesUX-129AUX-129A Band unit for 1200 MHz FM 1/10 watts$100.00
AccessoriesUX-29AUX-29A Band unit for 144 MHz FM 5/25 watts $100.00
AccessoriesUX-39AUX-39A Band unit for 220 MHz FM 5/25 watts $100.00
AccessoriesUX-49ABand unit for 440 MHz FM 5/25 watts $100.00
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