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TUJUNGA, California

Repeaters located within 10 miles
Mt. Lukens224.04 -W6JUN<1 m
Mt. Lukins223.900 -136.5W6CPA<1 m
TUJUNGA146.160 +146.2W6JAM<4 m
Sylmar224.26 -103.5KF6HKM<5 m
447.340 -162.2W6FRT/R<5 m
224.240 -162.2W6WAX<5 m
Burbank224.200 -123.0N6MQS<7 m
448.540 -123.0N6MQS<7 m
1282.900 -N6MQS<7 m
147.525 S123.0N6MQS<7 m
Glendale147.120 +0WA6NRB<8 m
445.680 -136.5N6JLY<8 m
1282.075 -100.0KO6TD<8 m
146.025 +136.5WB6ZTY<8 m
Altadena445.640 -156.7W6TOI<9 m

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