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South Lake Tahoe, California

Repeaters located within 10 miles
Lake Tahoe1283.5 -88.5W6RLW<3 m
145.150 -123.0N6ICW<3 m
145.27 -141.3KC7STW<3 m
441.2 +136.5N7VXB<3 m
South Lake Tahoe146.715 -203.5W6SUV<3 m
146.85 -123W6CSP<3 m
147.24 +123NR7A<3 m
224.02 -NR7A<3 m
224.640 -203.5W6SUV<3 m
29.680 -156.7W6SUV<3 m
442.475 +100WA6EWV<3 m
442.825 +88.5W6SUV<3 m
State line146.11500 +192.8w6suv-R<6 m
Zephyr Cove444.1750 +85.4W6suv<8 m

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