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Santa Clarita, California

Repeaters located within 10 miles
Santa Clarita146.790 -123.0W6JW<2 m
52.72 -82.5KF6HKM<2 m
Newhall223.98 -110WB6DZO<4 m
Oat Mt.147.45 odd162.2W6FP<8 m
147.945 -136.5KF6JWT<8 m
223.9 -94.8N6NFQ<8 m
224.4 -WD6FZA<8 m
224.58 -156.7KF6CPI<8 m
Contractors Point145.340 -131.8KC6JAR<8 m
Chatsworth224.740 -100.00W6SCE<8 m
Contractors Peak1285.900 -123.0w6cpa<9 m
1286.100 -WA6IRC<9 m
1299.700 SWA6IRC<9 m
145.495 -151.4n6wzk<9 m
147.560 -WA6IRC<9 m
224.66 -156.7WA6ZRC<9 m
445.340 -103.5KC6JAR<9 m
447.040 -WA6IRC<9 m
927.4250 -82.5WA6BSC<9 m

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