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Salinas, California

Repeaters located within 10 miles
Salinas145.47 -94.8K6JE<0 m
146.085 +100KC6UDC<0 m
146.91 -94.8WB6ARF<0 m
147 +WB6HUK<0 m
147.975 -W6AQU<0 m
224.82 -114.8N6DL<0 m
224.84 -156.7KB6MET<0 m
441.025 +W6AQU<0 m
441.45 +123K6JE<0 m
442.725 +118.8WB6PHE<0 m
444 +W6UZV<0 m
Prunedale442.775 +110.9kg6nri<8 m
441.125 +123KC6UDC<8 m

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