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Repeaters located within 10 miles
RUNNING SPRINGS145.120 -131.8WA6ISG<0 m
146.265 +141.3K6DLX<0 m
146.910 -100KC6WGF<0 m
224.56 -110.9WB6IVS<0 m
Heaps Peak446.200 -103.5K6CMD<2 m
447.0200 -88.5N6AJB-1<2 m
Running Springs447.400 -103.5KE6UPI<2 m
Rim Forest52.980 -103.5w6cdf<5 m
LAKE ARROWHEAD145.240 -118.8K6LLU<5 m
Rim Forest445.020 -107.2w6cdf<5 m
Heaps Peak447.22 -77.0WA6HP<7 m

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