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POMONA, California

Repeaters located within 10 miles
POMONA146.025 +103.5WB6RSK<1 m
146.940 -103.5WB6RSK<1 m
Chino445.560 -136.5K6OPJ<4 m
DIAMOND BAR146.640 -167.9W7BF<4 m
Chino Hills224.72 -127.3WB6TPG<6 m
La Verne449.880 -146.2K6TEM<6 m
Mt. Disappointment51.980 -100.0K6CPT<7 m
Keller Peak224.34 -KD6ODU<7 m
146.385 +146.2KE6TZG<7 m
San Dimas146.820 -W6FNO<8 m
Upland445.86 -114.8K6PQN<8 m
224.58 +88.5K6PQN<10 m
Glendora446.8600 -123.0KK6JYT<10 m
Upland927.3250 -114.8K6PQN<10 m
BREA147.885 -103.5W6BII<11 m

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