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Newcastle, California

Repeaters located within 10 miles
Newcastle145.37 -94.8W6NZL<0 m
Auburn145.43 -162.2W6EK<7 m
223.86 -100W6EK<7 m
223.9 -100N6NMZ<7 m
224.32 -100N6JSL<7 m
224.580 -167.9W4WIL<7 m
29.62 -156.7N6JSL<7 m
440.575 +94.8W6EK<7 m
440.7 +88.5KJ6KO<7 m
442.45 +131.8WB6GWZ<7 m
442.575 +162.2KA6NFP<7 m
442.7 +114.8KA6ZRJ<7 m
443.775 +123N6HZQ<7 m
444.6 +192.8N6NMZ<7 m
444.9 +94.8W6CUL<7 m
52.6 -156.7WB6OHV<7 m
927.15 -N6NMZ<7 m
145.270 -156.7W6SAR<7 m
Rocklin902.05 +WB4YJT<8 m

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