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Monterey, California

Repeaters located within 10 miles
Monterey1286.7 -162.2K6LY<1 m
146.085 +94.8WE6R<1 m
146.655 -94.8KM6DZ<1 m
146.97 -94.8K6LY<1 m
162.55 KEC49<1 m
224.240 -123.0N6SPD<1 m
441.325 +123WE6R<1 m
443.9 +123KM6DZ<1 m
444.7 +123K6LY<1 m
51.76 -114.8WE6R<1 m
444.275 +123.0N6SPD<2 m

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