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Menlo Park, California

Repeaters located within 10 miles
Menlo Park51.78 -114.8KB7IP<0 m
Palo Alto145.230 -100.0N6NFI<2 m
1283.15 -W6SRI<3 m
1284.65 -88.5WA6NUP<3 m
1292.55 -88.5WA6ITV<3 m
1282.5 -W6YX<3 m
147.315 +151.4WW6HP<3 m
147.360 +110.9W6TI<3 m
224.36 -W6ASH<3 m
224.9 -107.2WA6EQS<3 m
440 +123N6BDE<3 m
440.2 +123N6BDE<3 m
441.025 +103.5KD6ANG<3 m
441.1 +closedK6GOD<3 m
441.575 +94.8WB6IRC<3 m
441.85 +114.8K6OTR<3 m
442 +151.4WW6HP<3 m
442.575 +100K6FB<3 m
442.8 +114.8K6OTR<3 m
443.75 +100WB6NNY<3 m
444.35 +100KJ6VU<3 m
52.68 +136.5KD6ZL<3 m
Redwood City444.5 +100K6MPN<4 m
Los Altos Hills444.225 +131.8KE6JTK<5 m
1286.4 -88.5AA6IW<5 m
224.12 -K6YQV<5 m
441.25 +114.8WB6WTM<5 m
443.675 +K6MSR<5 m
443.85 +W6CWO<5 m
146.940 -123.0K6AIR<6 m
San Carlos146.895 -110.9KD6BXY<6 m
Portola Valley146.085 +110.9KM6DLG<7 m
Belmont440.075 +114.8K6HN<8 m
1285.25 -100WA6HAS<8 m
147.09 +WB6CKT<8 m
Mountain View1285.5 -100N6LXA<8 m
Portola Valley224.82 -110.9KM6DLG<8 m
Mountain View145.27 -100W6ASH<8 m
442.125 +162.2WR6BAT<8 m

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