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Los Angeles, California

Repeaters located within 10 miles
Los angeles145.120 -103.5KC6PXL<2 m
146.670 -kd6afa<2 m
147.495 -NH2R<2 m
162.55 KWO37<2 m
224.460 -131.8ws6c<2 m
224.580 -156.7K6VGG<2 m
441.880 -127.3W6QET<2 m
446.880 -127.3W6QET<2 m
447.220 -KC6PXL<2 m
927.5625 -123.0n6lxx<2 m
Los Angeles - Mt. Wilson147.240 +67W6MEP<2 m
Palm Springs224.480 -110.9K6VE<2 m
SUNSET224.840 -151.4WA6NJJ<2 m
Los Angeles224.520 -103.5KC6PXL<5 m
447.320 -103.5N6GLA<5 m
449.625 -100K6YO<6 m
451.8125 +k6yo<6 m
927.9625 -100.0KB6THO<7 m
inglewood224.460 -131.8ws6c<7 m

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