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La Mesa, California

Repeaters located within 10 miles
la mesa449.900 -151.4kf6yb<0 m
SPRING VALLEY147.915 -107.2K6GHM<1 m
El Cajon224.62 -127.3WB6SYD<2 m
146.155 +123KN6NA<2 m
147.42 odd107.2WA6BGS<2 m
449.580 -107.2K6KTA<3 m
Alpine447. 580 -107.2K6KTA<6 m
San Diego1277.25 +W6ATN<6 m
145.120 -107.2W6HDC<6 m
145.200 -103.5SCAN<6 m
145.320 -107.2WD6APP<6 m
145.480 -127.3W6JVA<6 m
146.160 +107.2W6SS<6 m
146.610 -167.9N6ZHN<6 m
146.640 -107.2WB6WLV<6 m
146.910 -103.5KN6KM<6 m
146.925 -107.2N6RSH<6 m
147.210 +107.2KN6KM<6 m
147.855 -107.2WA6ZMZ<6 m
147.945 -107.2KK6KD/R<6 m
162.4 KEC62<6 m
223.96 -107.2WD6APP<6 m
224.74 -107.2W6GIC<6 m
224.90 -107.2WD6HFR<6 m
224.92 -107.2KD6GNB<6 m
445.200 -123.0W2NOR<6 m
449.8400 +N6OEI<6 m
927.250 -114.8N6OEI<6 m
927.5125 -123.0KF6HPG<6 m
La Mesa145.240 +123.0WA6HYQ<6 m
San Diego224.940 -107.2KK6KD/R<7 m
445.120 -107.2KK6KD<8 m
National City224.72 -107.2KC6EWG<8 m

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