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LOMA LINDA, California

Repeaters located within 10 miles
LOMA LINDA147.735 -118.8K6LLU<0 m
Colton462.625 +186.2Wqtu407<4 m
Reche Peak445.260 -AF6HP<4 m
San Bernardino146.67 -151.4WB6RSM<4 m
Redlands447.00 -123.0AI6BX<5 m
145.26 -123AI6BX<5 m
445.3 -cc3AI6BX<6 m
447.020 -100.0KD6MHO<6 m
Riverside145.360 -91.5KQ6ZZ<6 m
223.900 -110.9KQ6ZZ<6 m
Redlands445.340 -88.5AI6BX<6 m
Box Springs224.460 -110.9W6CDF<7 m
RIVERSIDE146.880 -146.2W6TJ<10 m

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