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Costa Mesa, California

Repeaters located within 10 miles
Costa Mesa147.060 +N6TVZ<2 m
223.92 -151.4N6AVX<2 m
FOUNTAIN VALLEY145.260 -136.5N6PSY<4 m
HUNTINGTON BEACH147.465 odd103.5W6VLD<4 m
53.540 -82.5KC6FLG<4 m
NEWPORT BEACH145.420 -136.5K6NBR<5 m
ANAHEIM147.855 -100WA6YNT<8 m
147.915 -136.5K6NX<8 m
224.22 -WB6HRO<8 m
Orange1253.25 oddW6ATN<9 m
147.975 -114.8WD6DPY<9 m
445.400 -WD6DIH<9 m
Santa Ana162.45 WWG21<9 m

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