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Clear Lake, California

Repeaters located within 10 miles
Clear Lake has no Latitude or Longitude associated in our database.

Clear Lake146.385 +88.5WA6KHG<8743 m
146.775 -103.5KA6JJW<8743 m
146.895 -88.5WD6EOP<8743 m
147.675 -88.5KF6BSC<8743 m
29.68 -156.7N0EDS<8743 m
441.1 +100KA6JJW<8743 m
441.35 +100W6LOU<8743 m
441.425 +100N6GJM<8743 m
51.96 -114.8N0EDS<8743 m
52.5 -167.9KC6ZJW<8743 m

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