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Reference pages
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Morse Code chart 2019
Disaster Prep on a Budget 2018
PL Connectors Instructions (PDF)
N-Connector Instructions (PDF)
Guide to Quarter wave antennas (PDF)
Quad Antenna Plans for 2 meters (PDF) - Image
Band Plans
Single Page Band Plans(PDF)
PL Tone Chart
Create Maps from any Lat / Lon values
MAP any Lat / Lon
Time Zones
Time Zones on World Map
Lat/Lon US Cities
Amateur Radio Manufacturers
Quicky Coax Antenna
PL Decoding/ Speaker Muting
Transmitter Range Finder
Bob's State of the art
COOL!! New Space Suit Repeater!!!!
Some local Coordinators feel they OWN the public data.
Old guys using Morse code vs. kids with text messaging (3.9 MB .WAV file)
See some old time advertising for classic Receivers

Callsign Lookup:

FCC Call Sign lookup



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